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Quiz Investment has built a wide range of investment strategies concerning the acquisitions or terrain and the identification of developing opportunities in Bucharest and the surrounding areas. We have obtained remarkable results regarding our clients whatever they are legal persons or private individuals.

Our counseling services on investments are focused mainly on foreign investors who take in consideration the analysis of different areas of Romanian real estate market.

These services consist in developing coherent strategies in order to identify those attractive opportunities of investment, based on an exhaustive analysis of all specific data and trends of the real estate market.

This process includes three types of procedures:
- analyzing the market trends, the evaluation of the estates, the taxes calculation , the strategical planning

-administrating various processes as financing, acquisition, management, marketing, renting;

- attaining specific strategies of investment in order to fulfill the clients' demands as legal persons or private individuals.

The evolution of prices on the real estate market force the people who want to buy a residence or a terrain to demand help from the banking-financial institutions in order to obtain the necessary credit.
The most important obstacle for those who want to use the services of a bank is the comprehension of the conditions and different aspects of the credit product. Quiz Investments helps its clients by its financial and counseling services, offering them the necessary information and assistance in order to obtain an advantageous bank credit. 2010